Jeff Mathis has an avulsion fracture in his right hand after being struck by a foul tip in Monday night’s game, and the Diamondbacks catcher was placed on the 10-day disabled list. How much time he’ll miss remains to be seen. It’s possible Mathis is done for the year. It’s also possible it’s an injury he can play through, to some extent. Mathis believes he’ll have a better sense for his timetable after visiting with hand specialist Dr. Don Sheridan once the club returns home from the road trip. Mathis suffered the injury in the fourth inning. X-rays came back negative, giving him hope it wasn’t serious, but he knew something was wrong when he woke up with the hand swollen and stiff. He went for an MRI on Tuesday morning and received the diagnosis, and he wasn’t in good spirits when speaking with reporters in the afternoon. “It’s tough,” Mathis said. “I haven’t been in this situation in a long time. To be in this situation, where we’re at with this group of guys, it’s pretty special. I’m going to be around as much as possible and help any way I can. It’s really disappointing and frustrating right now.” Mathis has been told he’ll likely be able to avoid surgery. An avulsion fracture means the ligament in his hand tore off the bone, bringing fragments of bone with it. Mathis had his right hand in front of him when Dominic Smith’s foul ball struck it. Catchers are generally taught to position their hand out of harm’s way, but Mathis said he likes to have it close to his glove for help with the transfer.