Dez Bryant isn’t yet Michael Irvin’s equal as a decorated Dallas Cowboys receiver. But in terms of understanding how the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award is earned give Dez the edge over “The Playmaker.” The Hall-of-Famer Irvin – unabashedly biased toward Bryant and the Cowboys – is predicting that Bryant will win the 2013 MVP award. When asked to respond to the praise and what it takes to win that honor Bryant answered coyly. “Being a quarterback” he said. And in fact in the history of the NFL and assorted respected MVP-awarding bodies Green Bay’s Don Hutson (1941 and 1942) and San Francisco’s Jerry Rice (1987) are the only receivers to be given the honor. Bryant recognizes that if he experiences an MVP-level year it’ll likely mean the Cowboys are winning — and that his quarterback Tony Romo will be doing the same. And therefore Romo would win MVP. “I believe Tony’s got a good shot at being MVP because I think his mindset is to go out and get it” Bryant said. “I honestly feel like if we do everything we’re supposed to do he’ll get it without a doubt. He’ll get it. If he gets it I already know hey I was part of it and that’s just as good to me.”