Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant took to Twitter to express his support for LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu on Thursday afternoon. "A lot of great players in this draft but @Mathieu_Era is the best player in the draft," Bryant tweeted. "You can say whatever you want about him #gamechanger. Dez followed up with: "I'm not saying what i say matters...I'm just giving my opinion on this draft like everyone else." "It is very interesting to know where he is going ... who wouldn't want to know? the dude is a beast." The Cowboys haven't expressed an interest in the "Honey Badger," who is projected to go in the middle rounds of the draft. Mathieu, a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2011, missed the entire 2012 season after LSU expelled him for repeated positive tests for marijuana in August. After a few weeks in drug rehabilitation center in Houston, Mathieu was arrested in October for marijuana possession at LSU. "I thought my bottom was when I got kicked out of school, but I think when I got arrested in October, that was a different bottom," Mathieu said at LSU's pro day.