Devin Booker’s importance to the Phoenix Suns franchise continues to grow. General Manager Ryan McDonough said Thursday that Booker will have a voice in all of the organization’s major decisions going forward, including the search for a new coach, free agency and the draft. “With his emergence and importance to not only what we’re doing in the short term but hopefully in the next decade-plus, I think it’s important to make him a partner in the process,” McDonough said. McDonough’s comments tie in with Phoenix’s plans to make Booker the face of the franchise. It’s expected that the Suns will offer Booker a max five-year contract extension worth $156 million next summer, and Booker told azcentral sports in October that he’d sign the deal. “I know how much the city cares about the franchise, and that means a lot to me, playing somewhere where people actually care about the franchise,” Booker said. “I love it here, I bought a house here and I intend to be here for a long time.” It’s not new for Suns management to seek input from its players. McDonough said that, in particular, he talks to Phoenix’s younger players about college prospects in the draft because “a lot of them have played with those guys or against those guys and they know them personally.” The players’ input also played a part in McDonough and Managing General Partner Robert Sarver making Earl Watson the full-time coach in April of 2016. But Booker’s influence will be more acute. McDonough said the Suns plan to build their team around Booker, so it only makes sense to get his opinion on everything from a coaching hire to free agents the team might want to sign.