This in from former NHL GM and TSN analyst Craig Button on the difficulty that the Edmonton Oilers will face trying to trade winger Jordan Eberle. Button is one of the many excellent guests on Jason Gregor’s TSN1260 radio show, and he had this to say on Friday: “It’s easy to say, ‘Move a player.’ He’s got a $6 million dollar (per year) contract (for two more years). It’s not easy to move any type of $6 million contract. When you ask yourself, we can move him, what does it mean? Do we have to pick up some of his salary? Do we sell him at his lowest point? What could we potentially get back that would help our team? Are we getting a similar type player?’ “If you think it’s easy to move Jordan Eberle, a $6 million contract, in today’s NHL, with no significant increase if at all in the salary cap, trust me, it’s really difficult to do.”