In many ways, Lindsey Hunter is a coach in no-man’s land. The Suns interim coach is trying to develop and evaluate some of the club’s young players. But that is at the cost of playing time or even spots in the rotation for veteran players who have paid their dues and earned playing time. It’s a tough spot. But then, when a team has reached late February, won 18 games and gone through a coaching change, not much is easy. “I keep an open line of communication with our guys,” Hunter said. “I’ve been through every situation they’re going through. And for some of them, it’s not easy. It’s tough. There’s no way to make it less tough. “You just have to deal with it and be professional about it. Nobody wants to sit and not play. And I don’t want guys content with not playing. “So, I just be honest with our guys and let them know I understand the frustration, but you have to stay ready. That’s the reality of the world we live in and the game we love to play.”