Nine games into the 2017 season, we still don’t know who’s best of the three running backs Ted Thompson drafted this year. But two things have changed since training camp: They’ve taken on critical roles in the Green Bay Packers’ offense with Aaron Rodgers down and so far have left reason to think the team’s general manager had a good Day 3 of the draft with his picks at that position. Two of the backs (Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams) already have shown NFL ability after injuries forced them onto the field. The third (Devante Mays) hasn’t played a snap on offense yet, but there’s still reason to wonder whether he might be the best of the three when his chance comes. It’s still early to make definitive calls on the three – plenty of promising rookies fizzle over time. But if Thompson deserves criticism for failing to hit on enough defensive picks over the last six years, he also deserves credit when he comes through. And the early signs at running back are promising after he took an idea from his mentor, Ron Wolf, and drafted three players at one position because of big problems the year before. You might remember that Wolf drafted cornerbacks with his first three picks in 1999. That was his response after Randy Moss tilted the balance of power in the NFC North as a rookie in 1998. Thompson, on the other hand, was making amends for the disaster that was the Packers’ running backs in 2016. He’d left coach Mike McCarthy with a ragtag corps after injuries to Eddie Lacy and James Starks wiped out a position that was too thin from the start.