David Booth acknowledged the odds are against him, but at least he is having a blast. He is at Detroit Red Wings training camp on a tryout, and his placement on Team Howe — largely made up of Grand Rapids Griffins — indicates he is unlikely to be rewarded with a Wings contract. Booth is from Detroit and so to even dapple in a winged-wheel uniform is a thrill. “It’s really exciting to be here,” Booth said after Friday’s opening day of camp. “It’s very close to me in the sense that I grew up being a Red Wings fan having front-row season tickets, being there when they won the Cup. It’s been a childhood kind of pastime for me to watch these guys through all the good years and so to come here and throw a Red Wings jersey on for the first time, it’s really special.” Booth, 32, parlayed four years at Michigan State into being drafted in the second round by Florida in 2004. He has topped 500 NHL games, but spent the past two years playing in Russia. He asked the Wings for a tryout even as he recognizes they don’t exactly have many openings — and fellow tryout invitee P-A Parenteau would seem to have the edge, as he has been placed with the Wings-heavy Team Delvecchio. “I understand that coming here,” Booth said. “It’s better to take a chance than not to take a chance. I’ve had a good career. I’ve played over 500 games. I’ve been to Russia. “I want to give it one more chance and I think this is a good way to do that, is coming home. And really just having fun. Through the course of a career you can have ups and downs and you can lose the sense of fun, but just coming here and having fun and being a kid again, going out there — I’m still in awe of (Henrik) Zetterberg and skating with those guys is really cool.” Skating with the Wings in exhibition games offers the opportunity to catch another team’s interest.