Question: How many home runs will the Tigers hit? James Schmehl: The Tigers hit 163 home runs last season, putting them in the middle of the pack in the majors. Surprisingly, 163 was just six fewer than the 169 homers the Tigers tallied in 2011 and 11 more than the 152 they smacked in 2010. So, based on the past few years, it's probably wise to stick with a number between 152 and 169, right? Eh, that's no fun. Miguel Cabrera has hit fewer than 30 homers only once in a full season and remains a lock to hit 30-plus again. Throw in Prince Fielder, who hasn't hit fewer than 30 homers since 2006, and a healthy Victor Martinez and Detroit should approach 85 homers just between the three. Torii Hunter doesn't need to tear the cover off the ball in the No. 2 spot, but he should crank out more homers than Delmon Young. So, suggesting 20 homers certainly isn't unreasonable. Give me a healthy Alex Avila and Andy Dirks and there's another 30-plus combined homers. Jhonny Peralta? He's good for at least 15. Same goes for Austin Jackson. See, it all adds up. We're already at 165 and I haven't even mentioned Omar Infante. Prediction: The Tigers will hit 174 home runs.