As soon as the door to the visitors' clubhouse opened, a parade of bright-eyed reporters with killer-like instincts scoured the room, searching for him. Once the target was spotted, standing tall with his hands planted in his hooded Tigers sweatshirt, the flock of hungry media members hightailed it past the manager's office, pushing aside anything and anyone that stood in between them and their coveted story. No one was safe. Including Max Scherzer. "Whoa. Don't worry about me," Scherzer joked, pointing members of the media to their target. "I'm not the story here. Not at all." And, though he was joking, Scherzer was right. He pitched four scoreless innings Wednesday night and eased any concerns about him not be ready for the postseason. But his start was meaningless. A blip. It was simply a footnote, otherwise known as the dot, dot, dot tidbit reporters will oftentimes write about at the end of their game stories.