Daniel Norris walked to the bullpen mound in the fourth inning and tapped his left hand with a rosin bag. He sat down. In the fifth, he walked to the Detroit Tigers dugout, offered teammate Chad Bell a fist bump on the way there, then walked across the bullpen mound on the way back. He sat down. In the sixth, Norris started stretching. In the seventh, he stretched some more. And in the eighth inning, Norris finally started warming up. Norris, the Tigers’ young left-hander with loads of untapped potential, pitched in relief on Monday afternoon against the Mets. He threw 12 pitches in one inning. He struck out one batter — Tim Tebow, the Heisman Trophy winner — and allowed one bloop hit in the 4-2 loss. It was a good day. But his outing, which he expected to include more innings, opened the Tigers up to questions about Norris’ role on the team. Chiefly, is the team thinking about transitioning him into relief? “No,” manager Ron Gardenhire said afterwards, he has not been part of any such discussions. “Yes,” Gardenhire said, Norris is very much in the mix for a starting rotation spot.