A Detroit Tigers pitcher now with the Toledo Mud Hens is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct involving a 45-year-old woman in March at a Motor City Casino Hotel room. Evan Reed, 28, met the woman at about midnight March 30, when she and her friend were invited to sit in a booth at a Royal Oak bar with Reed and others, according to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. "At some point, the (woman) finished an alcoholic drink and began to feel odd," according to a news release from Worthy's office. The woman and Reed left the bar and took a taxi to the hotel. The woman alleges that at 7:30 that morning, Reed sexually assaulted her in the hotel room and then told her to leave, according to the news release. The charges against Reed carry a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. He's charged under the theory that he committed sexual penetration through force or coercion, knowing that the woman was unable to consent, according to the news release. Reed is not expected to be arraigned today, Worthy said. Arrangements are underway for him to turn himself in, possibly this week. As such, prosecutors don’t expect extradition will be an issue. Worthy said surveillance footage was reviewed, and numerous witnesses were interviewed since the alleged incident about four months ago. "This takes a lot of time, and that time was further extended because we now have almost 100 less staff than we had two years ago," she said. "This did not affect the quality of our work, but it certainly affected the time that it took to do our work."