You could all but see calendar pages turn as Jim Leyland sat at his office desk, burrowing into a hamburger, following Sunday's game at Joker Marchant Stadium. Two weeks until Opening Day. A final roster has to be decided. And the pressure is building not only on players scrambling for jobs but on the men deciding who fits and who doesn't ahead of Detroit's first three games at Minnesota. "I feel good," Leyland insisted. "We're OK." But a gent charged with prepping a team for six months and 162 games also said, "I saw some things I didn't like too well," and here he was talking about relief pitchers who Sunday practiced a few innings of unlicensed butchery in a messy, 12-10 loss to the Nationals. Leyland has a checklist in place for spring camp's final two weeks. Area by area, his roster decisions — and his concerns — are taking shape for all to see. They likely fall along these categorical lines: Starting pitching The Tigers have time to decide on a fifth starter. They probably need every minute. Dave Dombrowski, the Tigers front-office boss, will trade Rick Porcello if his heavy asking price is met. Otherwise, the Tigers probably will send Drew Smyly to Triple A Toledo and wait for health issues or trade partners to dictate how that extra starter can best be utilized. From The Detroit News: