Day after disaster, Detroit Pistons coach Lawrence Frank gave his team something of "A Clockwork Orange" style of therapy, a 17-minute concentrated video review of the Monday's meltdown against the New Orleans Hornets. He called it a "step back" and chastised his team for thinking it could play down to the competition against anyone, given the Pistons' own realities, 6 1/2 games out of the last Eastern Conference playoff spot, seven games ahead of NBA-worst Charlotte. Either measure is a fool's errand -- the Pistons won't be in the playoffs, nor will they finish with the worst record in the league -- as is assuming any victory or defeat for a team which has beaten East-leading Miami and West-leading San Antonio but is 14-15 at home, where it has lost to Charlotte and now New Orleans. "There are no games you should win, not in this league, because what you're doing is you're belitting the competition," Frank said. "And what happens is you don't understand how they're looking at you. You've got to flip the lens. They're saying, 'Oh, we're going to Detroit.' And the bottom line is you have to earn every single game." The video review was brief -- "It wasn't one of my lengthy, marathon sessions," Frank said -- and pointed. Frank said the Pistons "learned a great lesson" against the Hornets and pointed out another game the same night, when the Spurs, without Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Stephen Jackson, won at Chicago. The Spurs are 3-1 on their Rodeo Road Trip, with Detroit the only loss.