Detroit Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars spoke with reporters last week. Here are excerpts. QUESTION: You have upgraded the roster. Do you feel you have upgraded with new coach Mo Cheeks and assistant Rasheed Wallace? ANSWER: “We think Rasheed can help. We think he did a really good job in Orlando in the summer league. We saw the kind of impact he can have on those young guys. We’ve been very pleased with having him so far.” Q: How much repair work did you do when it came to Chauncey Billups’ hurt feelings about being traded in 2008? A: “You can’t go to a guy and divulge business like that. It was tough because he’s right — I had a close relationship with him. But there’s no way you can divulge everything to a player that you’re talking about and why. We talked about this three years ago and, by the time we get to today, we’re far past those conversations.”