The Lions' playoff hopes are spiraling down. The team has lost its past two games and most of the focus has been on coach Jim Caldwell. And for good reason. He absolutely botched the game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. There was another slow start. There were horrible time management issues. And putting nine guys on the field? Without calling a timeout? When it looked like absolute chaos? That’s on Caldwell. Right on cue, fans started screaming: “Fire Caldwell!” Which was understandable. But don’t lose sight of the big picture: Focusing on the coach might ease some of this season's frustration, but firing Caldwell isn’t going to change a mediocre team into a Super Bowl contender. When it comes down to it, the only person who can fix this mess is general manager Bob Quinn. Problems with the roster Before this season, with left tackle Taylor Decker projected to miss the first half of the season with a shoulder injury, many people looked at the Lions’ talent and said: “Yikes, that looks like a .500 team, at best.” But that all changed after the Lions won three of their first four games; expectations skyrocketed. But, in retrospect, who did the Lions really beat during that start? They beat the Arizona Cardinals, a team that is now 5-7. They beat the New York Giants, a organization that has already fired its coach and GM. And they beat the Minnesota Vikings on a day when running back Dalvin Cook blew out his knee. At that stage, the Vikings were 2-2 and still adjusting to Case Keenum as their starting quarterback.