Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz has closely followed Denard Robinson's career at Michigan, and admired the way he terrorized defenses with his speed. The tables were flipped last month, when Schwartz actually was tasked with defending Robinson in the Senior Bowl. Although the former Michigan quarterback had a quiet game as he transitions to receiver, Schwartz said he still draws attention. "When he came into the game, there were a lot of people waving on the sidelines, (yelling) 'He's in, get ready for the reverses!'" Schwartz said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Robinson, the NCAA record holder for rushing yards by a quarterback, arrives at the combine Thursday as he vies to make the NFL as a receiver. He is scheduled for preliminary medical testing and team interviews later in the day, then will meet with the media Friday. He begins physical drills Saturday, and will participate in receiver drills Sunday. Robinson is looking to atone for a rough Senior Bowl, where he appeared to be raw at his new position. Schwartz said he hadn't seen enough of Robinson in Alabama to draw conclusions -- he was coaching the South team, and Robinson was playing for the North -- but saw plenty of him at Michigan. "Probably know Denard a lot better from seeing all the Michigan games the past four years than from the Senior Bowl because we were busy coaching our own team," Schwartz said. "But we did see him in the game. I have a lot of respect for him. "Very talented guy who can make plays with the ball in his hand, whether he's a quarterback, a wide receiver, a kick returner, whatever it is. But it's been fun to watch him the last four years in college."