It was definitely Charlie Villanueva’s finest moment as a Piston – not that there is much competition. Villanueva’s triple at the top of the key with 9.7 seconds remaining was the winner in the Detroit Pistons’ 105-100 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. And for one moment at least, Villanueva could escape the scorn of fans who will never forgive him for signing that five-year, $35-million contract that he readily admits he hasn’t exactly earned. But his 18 points and, more importantly, 13 rebounds is proof that Villanueva can play a little bit. Making the moment sweeter was it came against his former club. “It’s been a rough couple of seasons for me, you know,” Villanueva said in the Bradley Center visitors’ locker room. “Public Enemy No. 1, that’s me. “It feels good. Coach has the confidence to leave me out there and I was just trying to make the right plays.”