Jiri Hudler has some explaining to do, as he’s being accused of threatening a flight attendant and demanding cocaine, according to a Czech newspaper report. The former Detroit Red Wings forward told the flight attendant he wants cocaine. She told him that it’s illegal and that’s when Hudler snapped. According to the report, Hudler would have his friends kill her when they arrived to their destination if he doesn’t receive cocaine. Strangely the flight crew mentioned that Hudler was doing coke in the bathroom and that he was trying to urinate on a food cart. Of course Hudler denies everything, here’s his statement to Blesk magazine. “Nothing happened, it was just such a small incident,” he said, adding, “Probably when we talk about it, it was not quite normal. But it would go wrong, it did not. How much of his behavior really deviated, now the police are investigating.”