The folks from the Red Sox cleaning crew missed a spot when they were removing the stains of the 2012 season. Or to put it another way: Why on earth is Alfredo Aceves still with the club? Yeah, yeah, yeah, he has a live arm and he’s versatile. But he’s also a troublemaker, and a big one, which makes it preposterous that the Red Sox are keeping this guy around while trying to nurture such young, rising talents as Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., and Allen Webster. Aceves, who devoted the 2012 season to showing up one-and-done manager Bobby Valentine, is already disrespecting new manager John Farrell and his coaching staff. During a workout on one of the practice fields behind JetBlue Park yesterday, Aceves was supposed to throw “live batting practice,” except that his tosses were so lifeless that Farrell approached the right-hander to ask if everything was OK. Aceves eventually applied some giddy-up to his pitches, but only after a discussion in Spanish with new pitching coach Juan Nieves. Hmm . . . don’t you have to change pitchers after two trips to the mound? Even during live batting practice? Answer: Yes. The Red Sox need to change pitchers. In this case, they need to change Alfredo Aceves from their problem to somebody else’s, the sooner the better. Until then, it’s hard to buy into the “162 Chances to Restore the Faith” ad campaign the Red Sox are rolling out. Speaking with reporters after yesterday’s workout, Farrell said, “He didn’t go through the drill as intended, and we’ve addressed it.” Farrell was managing the Blue Jays during Aceves’ two previous seasons with the Red Sox, so the men have no shared history. But from “across the field,” Farrell’s view is that Aceves is “a heck of a competitor and a very talented pitcher. I’m starting to gain my own personal history with him, and we had a part of that discussion today.”