The Miami Dolphins say they’re going to abide by the rankings they’ve set on their draft board when they’re on the clock next Thursday through Saturday for the NFL draft. They point to last year’s surprise selection of Laremy Tunsil and explain how great it is to be flexible and open to drafting anyone at any position as long as the draft board says that guy is the best available player. And, in stressing the point that the draft board is the thing, this team believes its a draft day trap to select players simply for need. “You get in trouble when you start drafting for need and reaching around your board,” general manager Chris Grier said. “You try and stay as disciplined as you can to your board. There are always times late in the draft where maybe you say, ˜Hey, this and that.’ But for the most part, with us, we’ll always stick to the board.” All that is fair. All of it is logical and no one who’s ever had any success picking players will ever argue with any of this. But ... The problem is the Dolphins have an obvious and significant need on defense. This team, 30th against the run last season, 18th in points allowed, and hanging on by a thread at some defensive positions with, for example, a 35-year-old starting defensive end, needs to address the defense early and often in next week’s draft. So this 2017 Dolphins draft, full of receivers and tight ends and some mid-tier quarterbacks, must be about defense.