The Knicks have managed to not only have a favorable schedule this season, but had lost just one game to injury for a starter. But Enes Kanter was sidelined Friday due to back spasms - and the Knicks have a quick turnaround in Houston on Saturday, so he could be sidelined there, too. The Knicks were without Kristaps Porzingis in Orlando earlier this month and played poorly, losing that game. While Porzingis may be their most valuable player, Kanter has been a key for the Knicks this season. And while watching from the locker room as he tried to nurse himself back to health he blamed himself for the loss to the Hawks. “I’m just in the locker room crying like a little baby,” Kanter said. “It’s just tough man, especially games like this. If you’re thinking about the playoffs, you cannot lose. So if you’re looking for who to blame, you guys can blame me. I’ll take the blame tonight because I was just here like a little baby trying to get my back right.