Carl Landry isn’t close to returning to the court for the Kings, but he is able to travel with the Kings as he recovers from surgery for a torn left hip flexor. Landry underwent surgery Oct. 15 for the injury suffered during training camp in Santa Barbara. He was expected to miss three to four months after the surgery. Landry is going through his rehab on the road, but is still unable to do anything on the court. “Just being patient is the toughest part for me,” Landry said. “I’ve got to sit back and watch my teammates go to war and I can’t be involved physically. The main thing is to be patient and remember that it’s a journey, it’s a marathon, and things will be better in due time.” Landry did not realize how bad the injury was and that it was the same injury his former teammate, David Lee, suffered with the Warriors during last season’s playoffs. “I think I’m one of those guys who just has a high tolerance for pain,” Landry said. “I tore my hip flexor completely off the bone and it felt like something happened but I didn’t feel like it was that serious.” Kings coach Michael Malone hoped Landry would be a veteran influence on the court and help ease the transition with the coaching staff because he played under Malone at both Golden State and New Orleans. Malone said Landry’s presence on the road is beneficial. “(Landry can be) a part of our team camaraderie and chemistry and kind of mentor some of the other guys and help communicate the message,” Malone said. “He’s a ways away from being on the court but I look forward to the day we can have him back and throw him out there.”