Despite disturbing allegations of racist incidents levied against him, former Texas State coach Danny Kaspar insists in his resignation letter that he’s not a racist. 

Kaspar resigned last month amid an investigation into several different racist incidents, which were first brought to light by a player who transferred out of his program. He wrote in a resignation letter, via the Associated Press, that most of this players over his nearly-three decade coaching career have been Black.

"I firmly and fervently deny any suggestion — direct or otherwise — that I am a racist or harbor any animosity toward anyone stemming from their race,” he wrote in the letter, via The Associated Press. “As with all human beings, I acknowledge there may be room for improvement, however, I hold only love in my heart for people of all races, colors and creeds.”

Kaspar resigned on Sept. 22 after a lengthy investigation following allegations made against him by former point guard Jaylen Shead.