Despite being the 13th overall pick in 2010, Ed Davis never really figured into Bryan Colangleo's long-term plans for the Toronto Raptors. On draft night 2010, Davis was a projected top-ten pick but fell to 13th where the Raptors snatched him up. The move was made not necessarily because Davis filled a need, but because he was the best player on the board at that spot. By selecting Davis, Colangleo had created a logjam at power forward with Andrea Bargnani and Amir Johnson already on the roster and locked into long-term deals. It was an uphill battle for Davis in Toronto from the beginning. Davis spent much of his first two seasons getting acclimated to the NBA. An injury to his meniscus during the summer prior to his first season kept him out of training camp and caused him to miss the first month of the season. His second season was again spent without a proper training camp due to the NBA lockout -- this also severely limited the amount of practice time he had during the shortened season.