Two years ago, the football world was Baker Mayfield‘s oyster. Since then, his career has come down with a serious case of the crabs.

Through it all, the new Buccaneers quarterback has remained confident.

“To me, to be at the top of your game — whatever industry you’re in — you have to be wired internally to believe in yourself and sometimes trick yourself that nobody else believes in you,” Mayfield told reporters on Monday. “I enjoy looking at some of the greats in all sports and how they’ve prepared and that’s how you do it. You’ve got to believe in yourself. Unfortunately I was a late bloomer growing up, so I didn’t have a lot of recruiting coming out of high school, so that helped wire me a certain way to only have that self confidence. I’ve carried that on since and that’s the infectious part about me that I try to have my other teammates feel as well.”

He still feels that way even after an injury-riddled 2021 and a flat (for the most part) 2022.