Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer felt the dreaded migraine coming on with just over three minutes left in the first quarter of Sunday's 24-10 loss to the Ravens. "I threw a nice ball to Rashard (Higgins) down the middle of the field and started noticing some of the visual things,'' he said. Four plays later, he forgot to put the man in motion on a screen pass that went off Duke Johnson's hands and was picked off. "My mental was a little off at the time, and I typically don't forget things like that,'' he said. "I ended up with a tipped ball and getting it picked.'' When Kizer came over to the sideline, coach Hue Jackson knew something was wrong. He's watched his perfectionist QB run that play dozens of times and he's never forgotten to call for the motion. "Then he ended up looking to a different side,'' said Jackson. "So that hadn't been the way he responded. When he came off and I asked him about it, he wasn't very clear to me about what it was. I knew then that something wasn't happening. And he told me, 'Coach, my head is kinda pounding.' '' Jackson sent Kizer to be tested, and he passed the rigorous concussion exams. Then, he was diagnosed with the migraine and treated with medication.