In his first game back from his one-week benching, Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer stepped up Friday and called a players-only offensive meeting in preparation for Sunday's game against the Titans. "As I said earlier this week, it's about doing more, and that's just a small thing that we can add into the week,'' Kizer told "It's something that I think can allow us to just open up the communication line and make sure they understand what I'm thinking and make sure I understand what they're thinking.'' Kizer said with the 0-6 Browns losing three of their games by only three points, any little thing might help. "Maybe that's the separator in a game where we were able to discuss something on Friday that we hadn't discussed all week that can allow them to get one extra step on a defender that we can be able to complete some passes,'' he said. Kizer came up with the idea this week when thinking of ways he could step up as a leader of the team. "After sitting last week, it was something I thought we'd benefit from,'' he said. "Yesterday there was a couple of things I wasn't able to meet with them about individually, so if I figure if I can bring them all together and have them all listen to it at the same time, it would be all right.'' Kizer determined that his teammates should hear some things from him instead of just the coaches.