The attorney for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has filed a motion for sanctions against the law firm representing the latest woman to accuse the three-time Pro Bowler of sexual misconduct. 

In a 17-page motion filed in Harris County (TX) District Court, Watson's attorney Rusty Hardin referred to the suit filed against his client on October 13 as "a sham" and requested that the court sanction Universal Law Group (ULG) in the amount of $5,000 "for its offensive conduct."

Watson is currently serving an 11-game suspension from the NFL after 25 similar complaints were issued against him in court, 23 of which have since been settled and another one dropped. All of the plaintiffs in those cases have been represented by Texas-based attorney Tony Buzbee. Members of the Universal Law Group in Houston is representing the latest complainant.

Hardin's motion contains several key points (CAUTION: Some of the below information is of a graphic and explicit nature):

--The motion states that public statements made by ULG "implying" that the plaintiff was unknown to investigators in Houston is untrue. According to Hardin, the Houston Police Department was aware of the plaintiff's allegations and interviewed her "as early as April of 2021. Her allegations were considered--and ultimately rejected--by police, the Harris County District Attorney's Office, and a Harris County Grand Jury." He adds that the NFL was "fully aware" of the plaintiff's allegations as well.

--Hardin's motion presented screenshots of text messages from the plaintiff to Watson that "do not sound like a person who was pressured into performing oral sex."