Deshaun Watson had his fair share of action this year and probably not in a good way, since he got in trouble for it. I think they still call it #MeToo and it's not really one of those thing that you want to be targeted with since it's not a good kind of Me Too.

You know there can be a good kind of me too, things you like saying me too to like "I just made a million dollars" or "I just had sex with 8 bikini models in a villa in Mexico" or "my penis grew 3 inches in my sleep", but Deshaun Watson's was more the kind of #MeToo that the girls he alleged creeped on, massage therapists if you will, were saying #metoo to, which makes people hate you because it labels you a creeper.

He's done the time for the crime with his 11 game suspension and through it all he had the support of his girl with the unfortunate named Jilly Anais, unless that's her stage name which was by choice based on her skill set of having Jilly Anais. Either way, she stood by him through it all.