When he met with reporters on Thursday, Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson refused to answer questions unrelated to football. With neither the NFL nor the NFL Players Association saying anything on the record about the situation either, the only option left is to leak a self-serving version of the situation to a reporter, in the hopes that the reporter will pass it along without asking questions or pushing back.

Adam Schefter of ESPN.com reports that NFL and NFLPA experts believe Watson has shown “signs of progress” during mandatory treatment sessions. Watson was required to submit to treatment as part of the negotiated settlement of his league-imposed suspension.

Schefter notes that the situation is confidential, before of course facilitating a breach of the confidentiality in a manner aimed at making Watson look better.

“He’s been progressing well and he wants to continue with it, and they feel it’s helping him,” said  an unnamed source “connected to” Watson’s treatment program. “It’s just sort of ongoing as needed and it’ll be ongoing until it’s not needed anymore. And I think it’s given him a lot of help and support. But this could take a while.”