When a report emerged from CSN Philly's Derrick Gunn that the Eagles were "seeking at least a third-round pick and potentially more" in exchange for DeSean Jackson, the instant reaction was that the Eagles would be the victims of highway robbery if indeed a deal containing that compensation transpired. However, a 3rd round pick may actually be optimistic. As a player, Jackson is unquestionably worth more to the Eagles than a 3rd round pick. He had his best season in 2013 and was the Eagles’ most productive receiver. Jackson didn't just lead the team in the above receiving categories. He had 30 more catches, 497 more yards, 12 more receptions of 20+ yards, and 27 more receptions for first downs than any other player on the team. He was also a key factor in LeSean McCoy's rushing title last season, as the threat of getting beaten over the top by Jackson did not allow opposing defenses to stack the box to take away the Eagles' rushing attack. A 3rd round pick as compensation for the Eagles' best and most explosive receiver seems laughable. And it is. However, the value of DeSean Jackson to the Eagles and what teams will give up for him are two completely different things.