The Eagles have fallen from an NFC East powerhouse to a division doormat who finished this past season with half as many wins as third-place Dallas. But sixth-year wide receiver DeSean Jackson sees a brighter future after the franchise made a major offseason coaching change, firing head coach Andy Reid and hiring former University of Oregon coach Chip Kelly. "As far as the Philadelphia Eagles, we have to worry about ourselves," Jackson said Friday in an interview with the NFL Network in New Orleans, the site of Sunday's Super Bowl. "We can't really get into anything else. Last year was a terrible year, an embarrassing year. This year, with Chip Kelly coming in, it's a new start. It's almost like a fresh start." Jackson, who had the lowest receiving yards per game average last year since his rookie season, is especially excited about the innovative offense that Kelly ran at Oregon and is expected to implement with some modifications into the NFL. He predicted that Kelly's system would flourish but only after the rookie coach who has no NFL experience first convinces some skeptics inside the locker room that he's capable of presiding over an NFL team. "Him coming from college, I think a lot of professional players are probably going to be suspect of him at first," Jackson said. "He's going to have to earn a lot of people's respect and things, because you're dealing with grown men now. "I think what he's able to do is come in right away and earn everybody's respect and get it out of the way as soon as possible, so from there he can bring a play and style to our offense that we've never had before. So now defensive coordinators are going to have long, sleepless nights thinking about how they're going to stop the Philadelphia Eagles."