For the first time in years, the New York Knicks made it past the trade deadline in a playoff spot. And for the first time in ages, it seems like their fans have something to look forward to when it comes to actual basketball.

The Knicks made some interesting moves in the offseason and coach Thibodeau has established a strong defensive identity. That competitiveness and grit have helped the Knicks come back from the ashes, and that’s why Derrick Rose and the team don’t want to let the momentum go right now:

“We’re comfortable but not that comfortable. A two or three-game slip could end up getting (you) out of the playoffs. We’re cautious about that, what we have to do, the urgency that we have to play with every night and just try to play our game, play with a faster pace and just play together and we’ll find ourselves there. But we’re watching the standings,” Rose told reporters via Zoom, as quoted by Yahoo! Sports.

Derrick Rose added that, even though coach Thibodeau is in charge of the talking, he’s also stepped up and reached out to the young players as a mentor and a leader to try and make a difference and prove their doubters wrong: