Derrick Rose began earning his reputation as an understated, humble basketball star back in high school. He's carried it with him into college and the NBA. But there was one opponent who seemed to get under his skin, and it's someone he may be seeing a lot of very soon: Philadelphia's Evan Turner, who played at St. Joseph. The Rose/Turner rivalry heated up this week when Turner was asked about finishing eighth in the Eastern Conference and playing the Bulls instead of the Heat. "That means we're dodging the tougher team," he told the Delaware County Times. Rose shook off Turner's comment, but there is little question that the rivalry is for real. It started, at least publicly, in March of 2007. It was of one of the biggest games of the year, a showdown between Simeon and St. Joseph at Northwestern. Rose was regarded as the top player in the state. Turner was challenging Rose for player of the year honors. At halftime, standing near center court, Turner said "Derrick Rose ain't [crap]." Not everyone heard it, and it didn't seem to be directed at anyone in particular, but it was unmistakable.