Gar Forman isn’t into playing ­favorites. Sure the Bulls’ general manager is eager to see what Derrick Rose 2.0 looks like when the MVP point guard takes the court in full five-on-five scrimmages in less than a month but it’s about the big picture for Forman on what could be a make-or-break season for his current roster. “[Rose] seems like he’s doing great feels good strong he’s been in contact with us on a regular basis so everything has been positive’’ Forman said of Rose’s offseason. “I’m just anxious like everyone is not only to see [Rose] but see all of our guys together. “Obviously we’ve struggled some with injuries the last few years. I want to see this group get an opportunity to stay healthy and play together.’’ That concept has eluded this core far too often the last three ­seasons. In Year 1 of the Carlos Boozer Luol Deng Joakim Noah and Rose quartet Boozer and Noah struggled to get on the court during the regular season only to have the ­Miami Heat knock them off the court in the Eastern Conference Finals. Then there was the disastrous 2011-12 season in which Rose was hampered by injuries throughout the year with the bottom falling out in Game 1 of the first-round matchup against the Philadelphia when 76ers Rose’s left anterior cruciate ligament tore. Rose missed all of last season while Noah played on one foot throughout the second half because of plantar fasciitis and Deng missed most of the playoffs with complications from a spinal tap.