Early in training camp, Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin witnessed an example of the competitive nature that burns inside a couple of his youngest and biggest players. It was a sneak peek into what he could expect from Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter this season. The Jazz were running a routine drill in which the ball is thrown off the backboard, the rebounder makes an outlet pass and a fast break play is executed. Only problem? Favors and Kanter both wanted the basketball in their hands. Glass. Crash. Clash. "They were fighting each other just for the rebound to get out into transition," Corbin said, smiling about the good problem. "I was excited about it from that day." The second-year coach didn't say who won that particular boarding battle, but, heck, Corbin could be considered the clear winner. The Jazz, too. The powerful pups have continued to demonstrate an unrelenting desire to pound the boards — or anyone that gets in their way — while contributing toughness on defense and sharing an occasional glimpse of offensive promise.