It was a span of exactly two minutes and 37 seconds in Monday night's game against the Orlando Magic and in that little window of time DeMar DeRozan showed the Raptors exactly the type of player they hope he will become. DeRozan's scoring binge just before the end of the second quarter may not have been his best as a pro, but it was certainly his best of this season. It began at the 4:43 mark when he scored on a driving layup. Thirty-two seconds later his jumper missed the mark. Undeterred he came right back and scored on a driving reverse layup 11 seconds later. Another successful driving layup came 37 seconds after that and was followed by a questionable three-point attempt that failed to find the target at the 2:30 mark. DeRozan then capped off his best stint of the season making a driving jumper with two minutes remaining in the quarter. That's four scores on six possessions over 2:37. You can lament the jumper and certainly question the three-point attempt but a one-trick pony is not going to be as successful as a guy who mixes it up every once in while.