The NBA trade deadline is just two weeks away -- officially, February 20 at 3:00 PM EST -- and while the Brooklyn Nets are underachieving, at 22-25 on the season, good for 7th in the Eastern Conference, point guard Deron Williams doesn't seem to think that this team will make a trade at the deadline. "I don't see us making any moves," he said when asked about whether or not he'd like to see this team keep its core together for the rest of the season. Williams then went on to add, "last time I said that, I think, I got traded," laughing and adding, "that's the quote for the day." Andrei Kirilenko seems to think this team as constructed is on the right path, noting that this team is playing great basketball in the 2014 calendar year. "I think finally, if you throw out last year, 2013," he said," we are great." Kirilenko went on, "I think the first couple of months it takes us to get together, kind of find a connection. We talk about that. It's very hard to get a connection right away." The Brooklyn Nets are 12-4 in the 2014 calendar year, and 13-5 in games where Kirilenko has played this season. Not to mention, they are 9-1 at home with Kirilenko in the lineup. "Finally, we start clicking, we start doing the right things on the floor," Kirilenko said. "We start playing more consistently."