Derek Jeter had surgery on his fractured left ankle Saturday in Charlotte, N.C., the operation performed by foot and ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson. And while the given prognosis for a full recovery takes things up close to next April, an expert said he sees the shortstop being ready by Opening Day with time to spare. "I think that's a reasonable goal assuming everything goes smoothly," said Dr. Steven Weinfeld, an orthopedic surgeon and chief of foot and ankle service at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. "Most patients can start running activities at three months." Jeter suffered a broken ankle going after Jhonny Peralta's grounder in the 12th inning of Game 1 of the ALCS, the first of four straight losses to the Tigers. After that game the Yankees gave an initial recovering period of 2-3 months but altered it to 4-5 months after announcing last week Jeter would have surgery. Dr. Weinfeld, stressing he had not seen Jeter's X-rays and was offering an opinion, said a possible reason for timetable change could have been if further tests showed something other than just a break. "The thing that takes longer, that might have caused the timetable to get greater, when you have an ankle fracture, you have a boning injury and sometimes you have a boning injury combined with a ligament injury," Dr. Weinfeld said. "It's the ligament injury that may prolong the course of recovery. They may have diagnosed a ligamentous injury at some point later on that may have changed the timetable."