No Yankee fan wants to see Derek Jeter limping around in Miami, photographed in a walking boot on his surgically repaired left ankle, and looking just a tad out of shape. Not to worry, says Yanks GM Brian Cashman, no one should be concerned about Jeter's condition. Or conditioning. The shortstop's rehab from the operation to repair his broken ankle is "going really well," Cashman said Friday. "He's going to be ready for us by Opening Day. He'll be a restricted player for us early in camp, but all indications are very strong for a full and healthy recovery. We just have to wait for the healing process to complete itself." When someone asked if the Miami photos made it appear as if the shortstop had gained weight, Cashman said, "The one thing you don't have to worry about is Derek Jeter. The bottom line is, the most important thing Derek can do right now is rest. When you're dealing with high-end competitors, trying to make sure they stay off that foot – we lived through that (last season) with Andy Pettitte … You can't speed up the healing process. Right now, doctor's orders are rest. "There's nothing about Derek Jeter that I have to worry about, other than rest."