In late January, Major League Soccer officially announced an expansion team was coming to Miami thanks to the efforts of David Beckham, among others. Predictably, folks have began comparing and contrasting Beckham's acts and comments with those of Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter. It's a natural reaction given both are now high-ranking officials with Miami teams who were legends during their playing days. On Wednesday, Jeter weighed in on part of the debate, suggesting Beckham's team is better positioned to win a title than the Marlins -- that despite having no name, employing no players, and not intending to play a game until 2020. Oof. The problem with Jeter's comments is that the Marlins' hole is largely self-created. Jeter and company inherited a roster brimming with talented hitters. The pitching staff needed work, and the farm system necessitated that any additional help would've came through free agency. But the makings of a fringe playoff team were by and large already in place.