The phone call, Brian Cashman said, caught him off guard. It came from Steve Donohue, the team’s trainer, and it certainly was not what the Yankees general manager expected. Derek Jeter had just returned from a twice-fractured left ankle to make his season debut for the Yankees on Thursday. After 91 games away, he singled in his first at-bat. But the glow would not last for long. In the fifth inning, he felt tightness in his leg. He told Donohue it was a cramp. For Jeter, notoriously headstrong when it comes to reporting injuries and pain, it portended something more. "A cramp for Derek is something more than a cramp," Cashman said. It is, instead, a grade one quadriceps strain, an MRI revealed. And after one game and four at-bats, Jeter is infirm again. Jeter missed Friday night’s 2-0 victory over the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium and will miss the remaining two games of the series, Cashman announced Friday. He will then use the All-Star break to rest and rehabilitate the injury. The Yankees will then re-evaluate his condition and make their decision on how to proceed. When the Yankees begin the second half of their schedule next Friday in Boston, it is conceivable Jeter will be with the team. It is also possible he will be placed on the disabled list. "It could resolve after that time frame," Cashman said. "It could take more time. I can’t rule out, ultimately, a disabled list. Certainly something we’re hoping to avoid. We’re going to play it safe through the weekend and see what happens after that." Manager Joe Girardi said the club will not rush the decision, making the most of the time available. Still, the manager also contends the DL is a possibility.