Derek Fisher has done much in his 17 NBA seasons. He’s never been on a team that won 27 straight games. The longest winning streak Fisher has been a part of was a 19-game streak, done by the Lakers during the 1999-2000 season. Incredibly, that feat was eight wins short of the streak Miami just reeled off and 14 shy of the 71-72 Lakers’ record 33-game winning streak. The 19 consecutive wins by Fisher and those ’99-2000 Lakers are tied for sixth on the list of longest winning streaks in NBA history. That’s why Fisher can appreciate from afar the run the Heat just had. “It’s remarkable what they were able to do as a team in terms of showing up 27 nights in a row and being better than the other team,” Fisher said. “It’s not an easy thing to do. And so they have to be commended from that perspective. I’ve been around the game a long time and nobody else has done that the last 16, 17 years I’ve been in the league. So I think they deserve a lot of credit in that regard.” Fisher will tell you that the Lakers championship in 2000 easily trumps those 19 straight wins. Miami’s focus, he said, likely will now turn to completing the ultimate goal and winning a second consecutive title. “I think now that it’s over, and as even they move past it as the rest of the world will surely do, they’ll look back on it and appreciate it but obviously they’re still going to measure themselves by whether or not they win the championship. That’s what we’re doing here. I guess the story is to be continued.”