The Las Vegas Raiders were struck with devastating news on Tuesday when the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department revealed that star wide receiver Henry Ruggs was involved in a car crash that led to the death of a currently unnamed person. According to the police, Ruggs was “impaired” and has been charged with a DUI resulting in death. He will now face a long legal process but the Raiders have to continue playing football.

The team is barely getting over head coach Jon Gruden resigning last month and will now be dealing with more adversity. Starting quarterback Derek Carr will be tasked with trying to keep the Raiders focused through this tragedy. David Carr, the quarterback’s brother, took to Twitter after the Ruggs news broke and proclaimed that his brother would not only be the MVP of the league but possibly the most valuable player in a season ever “when” the Raiders make the Super Bowl.

Many believed that Carr’s tweet was insensitive considering somebody died, which led to him quickly deleting it.