Though the two have been friends for a long time, Derek Carr and Davante Adams have been interacting quite a bit more over the last few months. The Green Bay Packers wide receiver is set to be a free agent at the end of the year and Carr has made it known that he’d love to see his former college football teammate in a Las Vegas Raiders uniform. In the meantime, the two have to stay in communication from afar.

The latest talking point has surrounded Carr’s haircut. Adams recently made it clear that he’s not a fan and pleaded with the quarterback to cut it. Carr did not oblige but did divulge some more information regarding their interaction.

“He didn’t know that I was growing my hair out,” Carr said of Adams on Wednesday. “He said ‘I knew you were a dread head.’ That was his response back to me. Davante offered to have a barber sent to my house because he’s used to the buzzcut but he held off because he didn’t know I was growing it out. I have everybody reaching out about my hair how. … I haven’t had my hair this long since I was literally 13-years-old.”

It sounds like Carr has no plans to cut his hair anytime soon. How long he’ll let his hair grow remains to be seen.

It’s possible that Carr is just growing out his hair a bit so that he can style it. However, could be in it for the long haul. Fans were quick to photoshop some long hair on the quarterback.