On Monday night, Raiders quarterback Derek Carrand several other teammates attended an event that had too many people at an indoor setting with no masks in sight. On Tuesday, the incident came to light. On Wednesday, Carr addressed his behavior.

“I feel like, one, we’ve done a fantastic job around here,” Carr told reporters, via Josh Shrock of NBC Sports Bay Area. “I hate that a few moments without our masks on led to a story about our team and all this kind of stuff, especially after the fines that were brought on a couple of weeks ago. We felt terrible about that. We addressed it with coach and we talked with our trainers about what really went down and all that kind of stuff. At the end of the day we were there — I mean, shoot guys, I’ve been having dinner and dates with my wife at my house. I haven’t taken her out to eat all season, you know? There’s a lot of kids running around my house and I think she’s ready for a date night.”

Hey, Derek, plenty of people haven’t taken their spouses out to dinner, since March. And you’ve got the money to have gourmet meals brought to your brand-new mansion in Las Vegas every night, and to eat after you put the kids to bed. So if you’re truly serious about avoiding the virus for the full extent of football season, you make the sacrifice (if it’s even a “sacrifice” to have gourmet meals delivered to your brand-new Las Vegas mansion) and stay home.