It’s very easy to publicly accept blame when your contract pays out $70 million guaranteed. Which is what quarterback Derek Carr has been doing this year. Frequently. “[I]t’s come down to the end and we have not made plays,” Carr said after Monday night’s ugly loss to the Eagles. “We have not done what we needed to do to win the games. That’s pretty much how our year has been. We haven’t done enough. And it’s all in the little details of everyone’s assignment. Like I said, we win and lose as a team, but you can always put it on me.” Yes, always put it on me. Even though Carr once again mentioned the issue of attention to detail offensively. Which once again doesn’t bode well for offensive coordinator Todd Downing or, in turn, for head coach Jack Del Rio, either. Consider this: The Raiders started six drives at their own 40 or better last night, and they turned those six drives into a grand total of zero points. They’re the first team in 16 years to accomplish that feat. Congratulations? Carr was heavily congratulated for his $25 million per year contract, which he signed before the season. In hindsight, he should be congratulated for taking the money when he could get it. If he hadn’t then, would the Raiders be willing to pay it now? Probably, because they don’t have a clear alternative, unless they’d be willing to pay even more for someone like Kirk Cousins. Besides, it’s possible to turn things around, right?