This is about pop. This is about those games when Ty Lawson just pops off the TV screen. When he's popping shots. When he pops opponents in the jaw. OK, yes, it's also about numbers — the plump contract, the swooning scoring, the Dwight Howard-like free-throw percentage — but it's more about controlling a game, Gretzky-like. Making an impact on seemingly every scoring possession. It's about pop. And in the Nuggets' 20 games so far, one could argue that Lawson has had, like, three pop games. That's not many when you just signed a four-year, $48 million contract before the season started. Asked about the pressure from friends and fans to live up to that contract, Lawson said: "People were expecting more. A lot more. And then my numbers weren't going like they should. They were just expecting more because I got paid more. I think I can do a little bit better." Yes, the Nuggets have only played six games in the comfort of their home arena. And, yes, Lawson's assists are up this season, averaging 7.0 compared with 6.6 last season. But Lawson's fluctuating aggressiveness is maddening to many, including coaches, at times.