The Denver Broncos will be in the market for a quarterback and Missouri’s Drew Lock said he would love to play for John Elway.

Missouri quarterback Drew Lock is going to be a player to watch over the course of the offseason as the Denver Broncos zero in on a possible quarterback of the future.

At the 2019 Senior Bowl, the Broncos’ coaching staff doesn’t have the chance to be hands-on with the players like they were last year when their coaching staff was able to work directly with Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen, but Lock will certainly get some face time with John Elway.

He discussed the opportunity he has not only to meet with Elway but potentially to be the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos on Orange & Blue 760.

“Of course I’m going to be so excited to get picked up by anybody. I originally was a — notice I said ‘originally’ — I originally was a Chiefs fan…You wouldn’t think (they’re going to draft me), not with how well Patrick (Mahomes) is playing. So I was always in love with them, and once that (Patrick Mahomes) happened I knew I wasn’t going to be a Chief anymore. So I had to block that out of my brain. So I guess anyone that gets to play the Chiefs I’d be a huge fan of playing for. I think the Broncos do that every once in a while.”

Lock is not a perfect prospect by any means but he has a lot of the traits NFL teams covet at the quarterback position and specifically fits the mold of what the Broncos targeted in last year’s draft as far as being both experienced and a leader on his team.

He has one of the strongest arms in the 2019 draft class, can make plays outside of the pocket and from different throwing platforms, and showed great improvement this past year as a senior at Missouri.